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The Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium to exhibit at the World Football Summit on 17th -18th March in Durban.

A modern stadium as the driver of the city’s commercial activity, social development, innovation and sustainability

As we develop into a modern venue, our ability to be multi-purpose as well as being at the centre of the city’s economy and social cohesion remains key, it is no longer business as usual. At Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium we pride ourselves of the strides we have taken in the last decade by being one of the top venues for major sporting events but also adding non-traditional stadium sports like drone racing, eSport, mountain bike etc into the portfolio of events which also includes the arts. We partner with education institutions, social groups and scientists to develop how we can reduce our carbon footprint in our daily operations to remain sustainable. Our values remain centered to those of Madiba whom the city and stadium are named after.

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